Women in Medicine: Celebrating the Contributions of Women Physicians

September is Women in Medicine MonthIn recognition, we are sharing the names and major accomplishments of five women physiciansDespite barriers of sexism and misogyny, these women physicians made significant impacts on healthcare. 

  1. Dr. Jane C Wright: Elevated the use of chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. 
  2. Dr. Virginia Apgar: Created the first tool to scientifically assess newborns health risks. 
  3. Dr. Gerty Cori: Researched the use of glycogen in liver and muscle tissue paving the way for modern treatments of diabetes. 
  4. Dr. Florence Seibert: Laid the groundwork for the first tuberculosis test. 
  5. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell: First woman in the United States to receive a medical license (1849).  

We thank women clinicians for all they do in caring for patients, improving the healthcare system, and advancing the delivery of care. Please join us this month as we celebrate the many accomplishments and contributions of female physicians.