Career Action Plan: Document Your Accomplishments

A career action plan is a roadmap for advancing your career.  The most important part of your plan should be to keep track of your professional accomplishments. This record of your work success is essential for many reasons including your performance reviews, asking for a raise, updating your resume, speaking about the work you do, [...]

Nine Things to do After Accepting a New Job

Congratulations on your new job! This is great news. To ensure a smooth transition, follow these nine steps before your first day as a new employee. Write an acceptance letter for the new job In addition to a verbal acceptance, you should send written acceptance. Restate the final offer details and convey your appreciation and [...]

New York City Medical Schools Encourage Diversity by Reducing Student Debt

Becoming a physician is a lofty dream for many. One that includes a top education, respectability and great compensation.  However, compensation is complicated for physicians, especially considering the cost of medical school. Four years of medical school can cost about $250,000, leaving the average student with $190,000 in student debt at graduation. If you add on to this the cost of living, the interest accrued on debt while in residency and […]


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