Rules for Responding to Questions About Salary in a Job Interview

When questions about salary come up during a job interview, things can get very uncomfortable very quickly. If you divulge too much information on your current compensation, you can ruin your chances of getting the job. These four rules will help you effectively navigate salary questions in your interview. 1. Set Your Parameters and Keep […]

Preparing for a Promotion Interview

If you are up for a promotion, get ready for the promotion interview. In this type of interview, you already work at an organization and are applying for a new position with more responsibility.  As an internal candidate, you may find the promotional interview more in-depth and challenging because the interviewers have higher expectations from a […]

How to Answer This Question in a Job Interview: Would You Rather Work from Home or the Office?

“Do you prefer working from home or the office?”   This is a question that might come up during a job interview. Prepare yourself by researching company policies and determining what you really want for yourself. Employers know this topic is of particular interest to today’s job seekers. The pandemic sent a record number of employees […]


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LinkedIn Job Search Tip

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