Interviewing Tips For Job Seekers


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for a Job Search

Hiring doesn’t stop for the holidays, and neither should your job search.

Preparing for Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview questioning is now a part of most job interviews.

Phenomenal Physician Assistant Interview Tips

Physician Assistant job interviews can be challenging.

How to Be More Captivating with Each Interview

Progressing through multiple interview rounds: many executive or C-Suite level job interviews involve several rounds on multiple days. 

The Perfect Post-Interview Thank You Email

Sending a thank you note via email after an interview is not just good manners. it is mandatory. 

Behavioral Interview Questions – How do I Prepare?


Physician Interview Question – What Would You Bring to Our Practice?


Interview Question – Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Interview Question – What Are Your Weaknesses?


Interview Question – How do you work with difficult colleagues?


Interview Question – Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?


Interview Question – What is Your Salary Expectation?

Don’t be an April Fool: Avoid These 12 Interview Mistakes

Interviewing is a nerve-racking experience.  So much is at stake and so much can go wrong.

Thank You Note – To whom and when do I send?

Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself

Interview Question – How Did You Handle a Difficult Situation

Interview Question – New Resume for Each Position


9 Secrets for a Successful Skype Interview

If you are in the market for a new job, you need to be prepared for a video (Skype or Facetime) interview.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Interview – Ask Brilliant Questions

The interview process can be scary unless you are prepared. 

8 Secrets to Acing the Interview

Moving Beyond the First Interview and on to the Next Steps

What You Should Ask Your Physician Recruiter

Key Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Practicing Medicine

Against Counteroffers

6 Reasons You’re Better Off Walking

What Not to Do at a Job Interview in Four Lists

A “list of lists” that collects thought pieces on what not to do in interview situations, meant to help people seeking opportunities. Above all, one principle holds through all the lists.