Interviewing Tips For Job Seekers


Preparing for a Promotion Interview

If you are up for a promotion, get ready for the promotion interview. In this type of interview, you already work at an organization and are applying for a new position with more responsibility.  As an internal candidate, you may find the promotional interview more in-depth and challenging because the interviewers have higher expectations from a […]

How to Answer This Question in a Job Interview: Would You Rather Work from Home or the Office?

“Do you prefer working from home or the office?”   This is a question that might come up during a job interview. Prepare yourself by researching company policies and determining what you really want for yourself. Employers know this topic is of particular interest to today’s job seekers. The pandemic sent a record number of employees […]

Launch Your Physician Job Search with the Right Recruiter

As physicians move their lives and careers forward in a post-COVID-19 environment, many are reexamining their lifestyles and making changes. Some are seeking more rewarding work, more responsibility, increased autonomy, or a relocation to be near extended family. While launching a job search can seem like an overwhelming task, partnering with the right recruiter can […]

These are the Job Interview Tips You Need to Succeed

To help you get prepared, we compiled a list of our top interview tips. From strategizing about how to tackle the toughest questions to what to wear, we’ve got you covered.  Research Researching the organization is extremely important. Find recent news by visiting the website, reading industry publications, and talking to members of your network. The research will help you specifically address the company’s needs during […]

How to Prepare for Company Culture Job Interview Questions

Employers generally hire individuals that are aligned with their company culture. Preparing for interview questions about culture will help you communicate your ability to fit in and add value. Your responses help the interviewer understand your work style, personality, values, and attitudes. Your answers also help them decide if you will be happy working there […]

6 Power Moves to Stay Positive During a Job Interview

With all that is going on in the world, it can be hard to stay positive. But no matter how you are feeling on the day of your job interview, it is important to maintain a positive attitude. Employers hire people who appear upbeat and who are likely to get along with their bosses, coworkers, […]

4 Must Haves for Your 2021 Resume

Your resume is the most important tool that you have for securing interviews and landing your dream job. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that your resume is polished, professional, and complete.  Below are 4 Essential Must-Haves for Your 2021 Resume: Remote Work Skills Be sure to document your remote work experience. Indicate how you’ve been able to complete your work outside of the office and the […]

Questions to Ask at the Job Interview: Coronavirus Edition

The deadly coronavirus has created in its wake record unemployment rates, an unstable economy, and the now ubiquitous Zoom job interview. At your next job interview, be the most prepared candidate by asking meaningful questions that indicate you’ve given this opportunity some deep thought. Start with a non-Coronavirus related question to show your interest in […]

4 Phrases to Make You Exceptionally Likable in a Video Job Interview

When the pandemic struck, virtual video interviews became the norm. While these interviews make it difficult to convey warmth and likability, there are a few phrases that you can add to your repertoire to make yourself instantly captivating. That is an important point. Let me write it down. This phrase lets the interviewer know you […]

Zoom Tips for Online Job Interview Success

Zoom has become the most popular video conferencing platform worldwide. Since the Coronavirus hit, its popularity has exploded. Now it is the most common starting point for any job interview process. Zoom is easy to use and free to the job seeker.   Follow these tips for interview success.  Download Zoom Zoom can be downloaded onto your computer, phone, or tablet. When you create […]

New! Pandemic Related Job Interview Questions

The Covid-19 Pandemic has changed everything about our lives. Even job interviews have changed. Just as every conversation broaches the subject of the pandemic, job interviews are no different. Pandemic-related questions will come up in your next interview. As preparation is key to any successful interview, get ready to answer these questions as part of the new normal. 1. […]

Hirevue Interview Guide

HireVue is an online interviewing service that uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IO (Industrial-Organizational) psychology. The software records your interview and analyzes data points found in the video interview to predict future job performance of candidates. Talent Acquisition departments rely on this service as a screening tool to improve their hiring practices and their ability […]

10 Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Practice is the most important part of preparing for a job interview. Knowing the questions in advance allows you to carefully craft your answers. Practicing those answers will give you confidence when interview day arrives. Our expert recruiters have identified the top 10 most frequently asked interview questions, along with the best responses and the […]

Phenomenal Phone Interview Tips

The telephone conversation, while seemingly easy and convenient, is much more difficult than a face-to-face interview. All the excitement, interest level and skill set knowledge that can be expressed with body language and eye contact must be conveyed by tone of voice and speech patterns. The best way to prepare for this interview is to […]

Examining Second Interview Success

There is a science to crushing the second-round interview. With the proper formula, you can stand out as the best candidate for the job! Since you’ve been invited back for the second round of interviews, you’ve already made a good first impression with the hiring manager. To prepare for this round, study the notes you […]

Do You Have a Professional Development Plan?

Your professional growth and development are important not just to you personally, but also to your future employer. When you interview, hiring managers will be interested in your existing skills and your plan for acquiring new skills. Employers may phrase questions about your professional development like this: What are your weaknesses and how have you […]

The Interview Technique You Should be Using

At your next interview, tell your career story and tell it well. A career story is the compelling personal narrative of your professional journey. It is a rehearsed account detailing how you got to where you are today, why you want to work for this company and why you are perfect for the job. Write […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year for a Job Search

Hiring doesn’t stop for the holidays, and neither should your job search.

Preparing for Behavioral Interview Questions

Behavioral Interview questioning is now a part of most job interviews.

Phenomenal Physician Assistant Interview Tips

Physician Assistant job interviews can be challenging.

How to Be More Captivating with Each Interview

Progressing through multiple interview rounds: many executive or C-Suite level job interviews involve several rounds on multiple days. 

The Perfect Post-Interview Thank You Email

Sending a thank you note via email after an interview is not just good manners. it is mandatory. 

Behavioral Interview Questions – How do I Prepare?


Physician Interview Question – What Would You Bring to Our Practice?


Interview Question – Why Do You Want to Work Here?

Interview Question – What Are Your Weaknesses?


Interview Question – How do you work with difficult colleagues?


Interview Question – Why Did You Leave Your Last Job?


Interview Question – What is Your Salary Expectation?

Don’t be an April Fool: Avoid These 12 Interview Mistakes

Interviewing is a nerve-racking experience.  So much is at stake and so much can go wrong.

Thank You Note – To whom and when do I send?

Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself

Interview Question – How Did You Handle a Difficult Situation

Interview Question – New Resume for Each Position


9 Secrets for a Successful Video Interview

If you are in the market for a new job, you need to be prepared for a video (Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Facetime, etc.) interview. The video interview offers face-to-face time with a hiring manager without the travel time. To maximize your results, it is important to become familiar with the technology and etiquette. These tips […]

Don’t Be Afraid of the Interview – Ask Brilliant Questions

The interview process can be scary unless you are prepared. 

8 Secrets to Acing the Interview

Moving Beyond the First Interview and on to the Next Steps

Against Counteroffers

6 Reasons You’re Better Off Walking

What Not to Do at a Job Interview in Four Lists

A “list of lists” that collects thought pieces on what not to do in interview situations, meant to help people seeking opportunities. Above all, one principle holds through all the lists.