4 Must Haves for Your 2021 Resume

Your resume is the most important tool that you have for securing interviews and landing your dream jobNow, more than ever, it is imperative that your resume is polished, professional, and complete. 

Below are 4 Essential Must-Haves for Your 2021 Resume:

  1. Remote Work Skills
    Be sure to document your remote work experienceIndicate how you’ve been able to complete your work outside of the office and the skills gained in the process. If your position is not remote, describe other ways you’ve been able to manage your responsibilities outside of the workplace, such as your ability to stay connected through video calls, phone calls, or email. 
  2.  Ability to Adapt
    Illustrate how you have met and adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Change management is a 2021 buzzword. Hiring managers are looking to fill their teams with people who are effective at accepting change and knowing how to shift goals and objectives. Provide concrete exampleon your resume of how you handled work changes. For example, if your company downsized, you may have had to pick up or rearrange responsibilities.  
  3. Collaboration
    Although water cooler conversations and chance hallway chats are a thing of the past employers still need team players who can collaborate with other departments. Employers want to see that even in a remote or virtual setting you still know how to collaborate with folks outside of your immediate team to work towards the company goals. Use your resume to highlight your collaboration skills. 
  4. Project Management
    When you’re working remotely, or in the office part-time, your employer can’t always keep close tabs on what you’re doing, so the ability to independently manage your tasks has taken on greater importance in 2021Employers want to see, from your resume, that you have the project management skills necessary to turn your todo list into goals achieved.  

Landing your dream job starts with a standout resume. Add these four elements to your resume to maximize your chances of securing a 2021 interview. 

Kathy Lin - Tal HealthcareWritten by:
Kathy Lin, Marketing Communications Manager
Kathy writes content for Tal Healthcare, a healthcare career website. She has a background in recruiting, sales, and teaching.  She holds a BA in Biology from the University of Vermont.  When she isn’t writing you can find her outside running, skiing or biking.