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“Jody, let me know if you need me to do anything else…Also, would it be ok for me to put some of my classmates in touch with you if they are interested? I have had such a positive experience working with you through this process! Thank you! ”

– Placed Candidate, Physician Assistant

“I was lucky enough to work with Jody at Tal Healthcare and with her guidance and expertise was hired for a position at Weill Cornell Hospital.

Jody is a dedicated, professional, and expert recruiter. She truly has expertise in the ins and outs of applying for higher-level positions in the healthcare field. In addition to this, she is an attentive and caring coach and encourages her clients to be the best they can be. She does a great job of providing the tools for the applicant to have a positive interview experience and truly goes above and beyond. I can’t recommend Tal healthcare and Jody enough. Thank you so much for all that you do!! I have referred her to friends and will continue to do so, as they navigate moving upwards in their professional careers. ”
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– Placed Candidate, Family Nurse Practitioner

I received the business card holder yesterday and wanted to thank you. RTRFS is wonderful so far, and everyone here is so welcoming.

The contact they assigned me uses a system called ETM with I used for 16 years at Sloan. I can teach everyone what I know about the system so I’m excited. Also, many of the managers here are only versed with hospital billing, the contact is physician billed so I’m in my element. I think this was a great move for me and want to thank you for helping to find and fight for what I wanted.
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– Placed Candidate, Revenue Manager

“Everyone raved about your presentation! I’m so happy that you were both available to come and present last week.

The program evaluations were very enthusiastic and clearly an attestation to your knowledge and success. I’m so grateful that we were all able to connect. Thank you again for your time and energy.”
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– Placed Candidate, Senior Director

“Thank you for connecting us with an exceptional candidate.”

– Client, Director of Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Operations

“This is excellent information. Talked to many recruiters have not experienced this service. Bravo to you and your team!”

– Placed Candidate, Assistant Controller

“Working with Tal Healthcare for the last several years has been a pleasure. From leadership to line positions, it is a true partnership.

Their candidates are well prepared and understand our culture prior to their first interview.  I feel that Tal’s team is simply an extension of our HR Department!”
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– Client, Director of Human Resources

“I’ve worked with hundreds of search firms over the years and Tal is clearly one of the best. They truly understand

how to develop and nurture relationships with their clients. Lea is a great business partner, and she and her team provide great customer service until well after the candidate has been hired.”
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– Client, Director of Human Resources

“The PPS has been fortunate to have such an accomplished partner in our searches.”

– Client, Executive Director

“Jody, I have had such a positive experience working with you through this process!

let me know if you need me to do anything else…Also, would it be ok for me to put some of my classmates in touch with you if they are interested? Thank you! ”
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– Placed Candidate, Physician Assistant

“I’ve been part of the healthcare industry for quite some time, and have had the chance to experience different cultures and work ethics in a few organizations.

I wanted to thank you for helping me make the decision to move forward in my career. I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to develop my leadership skills, as well as many other skills here in my new role. I not only view these happenings simply as the experiences they are but as opportunities for learning and growth. I’m fortunate to now be a part of a team that exudes a powerful organizational culture, which not only shapes the element of relationships and overall enjoyment of coming to work but a functional work process as well. Thanks again!”
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– Placed Candidate, Billing Supervisor

“Hey Patrick! I’m all settled in over here and I just wanted to drop a line to say hello.  I love it here,

everyone is great and the job is awesome.  Thanks so much again, I really appreciate everything you did.  Please thank Lea as well.  Take care!”
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– Placed Candidate, Physician Assistant, Neurosurgery

“I’m eternally grateful to Lea Tal and her entire team for helping me move into my current Director-level role.

They were extremely helpful and provided me with the support and guidance that I needed at a very challenging time in my career. Lea is excellent at establishing sincere and long-lasting relationships with her clients. This is a quality that made a meaningful difference in my search job search. Thank you again!”
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– Placed Candidate, Director

“I am very grateful for your work, and to have gone through Tal after I finished my PA school. Many people don’t know how important you guys are for people in search of jobs. I felt confident

every time I talked to you and Jody, and I could not have nicer people to have had helped me…Tal Healthcare will be the place new graduates I know will contact for jobs. You can count on that! Again, thank you for everything!”
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– Placed Candidate, Clinician

“Lea, you were so instrumental in helping me land my current position as Manager, and we would like to seek your assistance in finding some qualified and

credentialed candidates to fill two positions which are currently open within our organization.”
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– Placed Candidate, Manager

“I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts in pushing this forward. From the moment I walked into the office I knew it was where I belonged.

  I would never have gotten this opportunity if you hadn’t reached out to me because you saw a potential match and then worked so tirelessly to enhance my candidacy. You really are an expert in your field. I’m sending lots of PAs your way you can be sure.”
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– Placed Candidate, Clinician

“We only use  Tal for the most difficult searches as we know they will come through. During a recent search for a Sr. Administrator,

after repeated web site and New York Times ads with no results, we contacted Lea Tal and she found three top candidates with proper credentials, experience, and interest. The candidate we hired has exceeded our expectations. We never would found this caliber of a person through in-house or traditional methods. THANK YOU for being so patient and understanding of our concerns! It has been a pleasure to work through the process with such a great organization.”
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– Client, Director of Operations

“Jody Mancusi and Tal Healthcare helped me find a position with NYU Langone. I had been trying to gain a position within the NYU system for a few years. Working with Jody has been a marvelous experience.

aShe had been there for me through every step of the process and always reached out to me. Whether it be preparing me for interviews or reaching out to supervisors and/or references on my behalf, she advocated for me and truly cared. She had made a stressful transition easier . I am grateful for all Jody has done and would recommend her to anyone looking for a position ! ”
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– Placed Candidate, Physician Assistant, Cardiology

“I am writing this letter to recommend the excellent services of Tal Healthcare, Lea Tal and Fran Philips. Tal Healthcare been working with our firm, RR Health Strategies, for the last several years and has been providing high quality candidates to meet our staffing needs.

  Tal Healthcare has really helped our company throughout the years. Lea and Fran have taken the time to understand our services and company culture to provide the right candidates to meet your needs. I have been consistently satisfied with Tal’s services. They have become our staffing partner. I am confident about the services of Tal Healthcare and I can surely recommend the services.”
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– Client, President