Career Tips For Job Seekers


National Doctor’s Day

March 2020 – This National Doctor’s Day, Tal Healthcare would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude to all doctors. With COVID-19 actively spreading, and with so many uncertainties, we are in uncharted territory. While many are trying to stay away from people, doctors are on the frontlines. They are gearing up for battle […]

Career Action Plan: Document Your Accomplishments

A career action plan is a roadmap for advancing your career.  The most important part of your plan should be to keep track of your professional accomplishments. This record of your work success is essential for many reasons including your performance reviews, asking for a raise, updating your resume, speaking about the work you do, [...]

Nine Things to do After Accepting a New Job

Congratulations on your new job! This is great news. To ensure a smooth transition, follow these nine steps before your first day as a new employee. Write an acceptance letter for the new job In addition to a verbal acceptance, you should send written acceptance. Restate the final offer details and convey your appreciation and [...]

4 Career Boosting Reasons to Make a Lateral Move

It is common to expect job changes to involve a promotion and a raise.  However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a lateral move, a job change to another employer with a similar level of responsibility and pay, makes sense. In fact, this is often a great way to ignite your career. Think of […]

Use Gratitude to Grow and Nurture Your Network

Thank you notes are critical in helping to grow and nurture your network.

8 Steps for Building Resilience and Finding Career Success

Resilience is the inner strength to weather unexpected obstacles and setbacks. It is critical for long-term success.

Ignite Your Career Like a Firework

Is your career ready for a boost?

Are You Lucky? Six Steps to Creating Luck

Can you learn to be lucky? Can luck play a role in your career success?

New Year Prescription for Well-Being: 10 Tips to Build Your Best Future

This is a career prescription for living your healthiest and most productive year.

Career Mistakes to Avoid

There are career mistakes that can easily destroy all of your hard work.

Seeking Independence at Work?

Independence Day is here.  Are you striving for more independence at work?

How Do I Brag About My Work Without Being Obnoxious?

Getting recognized for your work is a challenge in any career. If you’re modest it becomes even more difficult.

Why You Want a Mobile Recruiter

Have you worked with a recruiter lately who seemed to have all the answers at their fingertips at any given time?

What You Should Ask Your Physician Recruiter

Key Questions That Have Nothing to Do With Practicing Medicine

Who Markets Your Healthcare Career?

Language, visuals, messaging: who assembles the complete package of your healthcare career into a marketed “product” and how well are they doing it? With a search firm, you have an organization to represent your strengths and advocate for you in many ways.

4 Labor Day Tips to Advance Your Career

Labor Day can be a time to reevaluate, so take the time away to review 4 tips from TAL Healthcare.