Resilience in the Workplace


Resilience is the inner strength to weather unexpected obstacles and setbacks. It is critical for
long-term success. Resilience is a learned behavior that you can start building and
strengthening today. It will bring power, confidence, and direction to your career. It will
enable you to be more comfortable in an ever-changing work environment. When you gain
resilience, you will create a more successful career and find more joy in life.
Start Building Up Your Resilience Today:
1. Focus on Optimism

Optimists are more resilient than pessimists. If you have pessimistic tendencies, you can
become more optimistic. Start by surrounding yourself with positive people and creating an
optimistic environment. Make positive thinking the norm. View the things and people in
your life as supporting you rather than holding you back.

2. Increase Your Flexibility

When problems arise, see them as challenges or opportunities to learn and grow. If you
meet challenges as a chance for creative problem solving, you will find ways to grow. Having
a flexible mind will help you adapt and be resilient. Flexibility will help you to recover from

3. Participate in Learning

Become a lifelong learner. The best way to deal with change is to change yourself – learn.
Learning something new will keep your skills relevant. Be adaptable by embracing every
chance to learn something new.

4. Chart Your Career Path

Take ownership of your career and plan your career path. You can treat your career like a
business enterprise. Consider your bosses to be your customers and understand what they
pay you for. Look for ways to add value. Make a mission statement. Set your goals for the
year and for five years from now.

5. Cultivate a Sense of Purpose

A sense of purpose is the motivation that drives you toward a fulfilling future. The purpose is
what drives us. Purpose does not have to be grandiose. It can be enhancing your
interactions with your colleagues. Or creating a sense of forward momentum by relating
today’s work to your career goals. Having a sense of purpose will help you to stay resilient
on the difficult days.

6. Widen Your Network

Continually grow and develop a strong network of contacts within your workplace and
outside. Go to networking events and join groups. Find mentors and mentees. Look for
ways to support your friends, colleagues and the people you meet. When you are there to
support others, they will be there to help you through difficult times.

7. Accept Your Imperfections

Don’t hide from your weaknesses. Instead, acknowledge them and view them as
opportunities to learn and grow. You can find strategies to work around the imperfection.
Aiming for perfection is a dangerous road. Worries about making mistakes often lead to
paralysis and inaction. Accepting your weaknesses will free you up to try new things and to
be more resilient.

8. Train for the Future

Stay in shape both physically and emotionally. Being in good physical shape has a dramatic
positive impact on your mental health. Being physically tough will make you mentally
tougher and more resilient.

Resilience is a valuable skill that you can learn and build. Like any valuable skill, it is worth
the effort. Being more resilient will have a positive impact on all aspects of your life and
Kathy Lin - Tal Healthcare
Written by:
Kathy Lin, Marketing Communications Manager
Kathy writes content for Tal Healthcare, a healthcare career website. She has a background in recruiting, sales, and teaching.  She holds a BA in Biology from the University of Vermont.  When she isn’t writing you can find her outside running, skiing or biking.