badge_best-healthcare-jobs, Doctor, Physician, Nurse, Medical, Career, Job, Opportunity, Healthcare, Executive, Leadership, Resume, Medical, Health, Administrative For this year’s Best Health Care Jobs list, U.S. News & World Report includes the usual suspects like nurses and physicians, but also a few unexpected picks.

Today our focus on preventing disease, illness and injury is just as apparent as our fight to diagnose and treat them. And as the youngest baby boomers celebrate their 50th birthdays this year, the need to employ qualified health care personnel to both prevent and treat medical conditions intensifies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports we not only need to retain those workers already in the field, but also add a substantial number of new ones, with the most occupational growth expected among health care support jobs.

Below are the top 10 of the list rankings (full list includes 38 top healthcare jobs). Visit the USNWR site to read the full story with salaries and job details.

  1. Dentist

  2. Nurse Practitioner

  3. Pharmacist

  4. Registered Nurse

  5. Physical Therapist

  6. Physician

  7. Dental Hygienist

  8. Physician Assistant

  9. Occupational Therapist

  10. Phlebotomist